Let's mingle at HackTM!

Back when we were just

getting started...

Our story goes back to 2014, when we decided to build in Timisoara a super dope event for geeks, tech IT students, engineers and talented individuals with a keen interest in IT, from CoderDojo kiddos to senior tech professionals, designers and bright technical minds. Good ol’times!

As time went by

Over the time, we gathered more than 2.500 tech aficionados and we honestly drank gazillions of coffee cups! We offered prizes worth over 40K €, we brought people together, we saw crazy good ideas come to life and we took hacking to another level.

Fast forward into the present times

Today, HackTM is the largest (and probably coolest) hackathon in South-Eastern Europe.

In 2023, we’re pinning Timisoara on the map and making it shine!

Let's Hack the Capital!

HackTM is a 48h marathon of elite programming, with the purpose to generate astounding ideas, have fun and experiment with technology, frameworks and tools, like there’s no tomorrow.

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What to expect at HackTM

48 of hardcore coding

endless cups of coffee

networking like there's no tomorrow

fun games

crazed ideas

exceptional prizes

Who can join HackTM

(the event)

Pretty much everyone can join HackTM! Really.

It doesn’t matter if you are an IT professional, entrepreneur, freelancer, geek, designer or you just have a curious mind. If you’re interested in tech, you’re mostly welcome!

Your Ticket Awaits

Who can join HackTM

(the competition)

the senior engineer

the designer

the creative

the junior

Team up with up to 4 other coding comrades + one designer to build your crew. Yes, cyborgs, drones and other non-human team members are all allowed.

If you don't have a team but you still want to join the party (aka competition), we will help you find one on the first day of the event. You will have the opportunity to announce your availability and check others' needs.

Why attend HackTM

(the event & competition)

The people

We’re a bunch of cool people who build cool things for the love of code and tech.

The vibe

Legend says but also facts that this is the go-to hackathon to attend this spring.

The prizes

Your best idea coming to life translates into a step closer towards winning crazy fun prizes.

The swag

There’s plenty for everyone. And it’s not the regular, boring pens and notebooks that no one wants nor cares about. Swag at HackTM is AH-MAZING!

Still have doubts whether to attend this year’s HackTM or not?

Check out the FAQ page.

A loot crate filled with treasures rare, At HackTM, it's the prize to share.

Introducing the Loot Crate

The one and only

Just like previous years, the winning team takes home a box filled with gadgets worth 6000€.


To win the Grand Prize, your project will be carefully evaluated.

At HackTM, we have a two-step voting process:

The jury vote

Each judge will be randomly given a number of teams to evaluate. The judge will visit these teams and will compare them in pairs, selecting a favorite out of each two consecutive teams they visit.

The public vote

The best performing teams (according to the votes given by the jury) will present their projects on stage and then everybody will vote to choose the Grand Winner.

Hello you! Let’s talk!

PS: We accept DMs and PMs on our social accounts as well. Whatever keeps you going and the conversation flowing.

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