12-14 MAY


(Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timișoara)

12-14 MAY


(Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timișoara)

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HackTM throughout the years:

people at HackTM
sleepless hours
coffee cups
written code lines
pitched ideas
In 2023,
we Hack The Capital!

Programmers, tech enthusiasts and code aficionados - all unite!

In 2023, Timisoara is not only the European Capital of Culture but the Capital of Hackathons as well.

Hack the Capital is a 48h marathon of elite programming, with the purpose to generate astounding ideas applied to solve real-life community problems.

IT professionals, designers, tech enthusiasts, and non-programmers, you are all welcome at this year’s HackTM. Participants can expect 48h of hardcore coding, crazed ideas, exceptional prizes and much more.

HackTM 2023 aims to gather 500+ participants, a supportive community and most probably endless cups of coffee to keep us all going.

WHEN? Between 12th - 14th of May

WHERE? CRAFT (Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timișoara)

What the hack is HackTM?

HackTM is the largest hackathon in South-Eastern Europe brought to you on a yearly basis by the people of Banat IT. It is a fun competition within the coding arena between digital pundits and coders of all kinds.

Lights on! Let’s make this hackathon shine!

Why the hack would you regret joining Hack?!

There are no downsides.

HackTM 2023 is a great option to:


network with like-minded individuals just like you

gain hands-on experience

upgrade your technical skills and learn new technologies

brag about your coding talent

show off your skills and bring cool ideas to life

boost your career

bolster your confidence and tackle new work opportunities

sleep less, have fun more

and win them prizes, but of course

A loot crate filled with treasures rare, At HackTM, it's the prize to share.

Introducing the Loot Crate

The one and only

Just like previous years, the winning team takes home a box filled with gadgets worth $$$$.

People of HackTM

Hello you! Let’s talk!

PS: We accept DMs and PMs on our social accounts as well. Whatever keeps you going and the conversation flowing.

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